Posted by: Atty. Oliver Bulang | December 20, 2010

Take Off!

I’ve been a recluse. Not because I want to disassociate myself with the rest of the world but because I feel my thoughts and emotions are totally at odds with established conventions. Call me a coward for this. But time has its way of making things fall into its rightful place.

I am a self-banished pariah. But my return will be soon. And blogging is a way to ease my restlessness of wanting to express myself in the silence of my world.

I was not born a writer. Neither did I think of myself pursuing the craft. But my thoughts and emotions are yelling inside me, constantly in checked of my visions. I just wanted to be a hermit and live a life away from the rush. But somewhere deep in the bowels of my brain, I feel a nagging aspiration that even I is at lost to define and comprehend. Blogging is the outlet.

I’ve been planning long before of maintaining a blog site. In fact, I was able to put up a couple of them but fell out along the process because of my other personal pursuits.

Here, you can find me ranting about almost anything conceivable – from things ephemeral to stuffs larger than life. My opinions are mine alone and I hold myself responsible for that. But the things that are written here are no more than a piece of a trained mind. I honestly admit it. And for that, I am asking for indulgence for whatever mistakes that were carelessly made here.

In the meantime, let us take our seats, buckle up, and prepare for take off. The journey is about to begin.



  1. Good luck, panyero, in this journey.

    • Thanks, Atty. Fred! Glad you dropped by…


  2. i am a writer. been a writer for decades. made writing my bread and butter. they say i was born to write. i write everything and anything. i can recognize one when i read one. i knew it. just knew it…you can make your pencil dance too! cheers to you, you are a writer, you have immense power that is “beyond pecuniary estimation”!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Ms. Aya!

      If you have a blog, please give me your link. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. Keep on writing bro..! πŸ™‚

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