Posted by: Atty. Oliver Bulang | October 24, 2014

Atty. Oliver Bulang Message on the Occasion of the Opening Ceremony of Division Schools Press Conference 2014 CSU Gymnasium, Cabadbaran City




Theme: “Empowering Resilient Communities through Campus Journalism”


I am so happy and honored to be invited as your guest speaker today. More than this honor, however, is the challenge placed on my shoulder to at least approximate, if not surpass, the expectations you have on me. At the end of my speech, I just hope I would be able to do justice to your invitation.

To be honest, it took me days to decide on what topic to speak before you today. Because I was fascinated by the idea of talking to a large number of young journalists, I thought of something that should not only be mentally enriching, but also highly relevant to present-day realities. Hence, when I found out that your theme this year is “Empowering Resilient Communities through Campus Journalism,” I told myself, I got what I wanted to speak all this time.

Admittedly, writing has never been an exciting vocation. Being campus writers, you may find out that writing has already become a boring activity not only because of the mental challenge but also because of the lure of your other personal pursuits. Then there is also a valid fear that your writings may not be as palatable to the eyes of the readers as you would like them to be. But beyond this, I know, deep inside you — as would any young writers — you have that inner desire to be heard, to communicate your innermost thoughts, to speak your mind. That makes all of you a class of your own. Unique. Distinct.

It is along these lines, that being campus journalists, you hold an immense power. A power that, if used rightly, will prove useful to our society. Nowhere has this power been more needed than in present times where our society is not only afflicted with a lust for supremacy, but also of the endless cycle of poverty, rising incidence of criminality, infectious diseases, and the most destructive of all — man-made calamities and natural disasters. During these times, and we all know it, timely and appropriate communication is absolutely necessary.

This is where you — our young campus journalists — could come in as messengers of unity, peace, healing, transformation and rehabilitation. And for that, you will be able to help, in your own little way, in ensuring that appropriate and immediate communication is conveyed. And mind you, being young, should never be an excuse. Just because you feel you are too young to take on the challenge, does not mean that you cannot do it. Young or adult, we can all make a difference in the lives of our people. It just take a little courage.

By being in the forefront of timely and proper dissemination of information, you will not only extend much-needed information to our distressed kababayans, but also empower them to become more resilient, better prepared and ready to whatever untoward incident that may come their way.   

I believe your theme this year has never been more fitting than now when our communities are constantly threatened with tragedies and catastrophes from all fronts.

And to you, our talented young campus journalists, I challenge you to use your inherent talents in ensuring that our citizens are well-informed and better equipped with necessary knowledge that may come in handy in times calamities and disasters. And you are in the best position to do that, because being campus journalists, your words carry a certain degree of legitimacy, your thoughts carry a certain level of authority that is not generally enjoyed by the rest of your peers, friends.  That is something that you could capitalize on.

Remember, this Division Schools Press Conference is not only about winning. More than the number of wins that you may get, you have to bear in mind that outside the walls of this gymnasium is a vast and slippery world waiting for you. You can choose to be a bystander, or you can choose to be a crusader. It all depends on you. But always remember, that God did not bless you with writing skills for nothing. They are given to you for all the right reasons.  So use it wisely and use it well.

With that, allow me to express my gratitude and happiness once again for inviting me over. It is always a pleasure meeting with young journalists who have the same wavelength as me. I just hope that you will enjoy this competition in a competitive but friendly way.


Thank you so much and maayong Cabadbaran kanatong tanan!



  1. heloow sir can i ask if u have a pdf of the book of sempio-diy on persons and family relations..can u send me a copy of it..thank you

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